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When iES16 is used with Microsoft Outlook/Exchange or any MAPI compliant server, users can view E-mail, fax mail and voice mail concurrently–providing a world class unified messaging environment.

One effortless program manages all of your contacts, your daily calendar, your reminders, your voice mail, E-mail and fax. With simple mouse clicks, iES16 and Microsoft Outlook/Exchange will change the way you communicate.

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Voice Mail Frequently Asked Questions

If I have Voice Mail, does the Auto Attendant have to answer all my calls?
No, we can program the Voice Mail to only be a messaging center for you. However, most of the time people want a live person to answer the telephone and have the Auto Attendant answer after 5 or 6 rings as a backup to the operator.

Can I check my messages from home or vacation?
Yes, you can call a designated phone number, select your mailbox, enter your passcode, and then check your messages

How can I get my messages to call a cell phone or pager?
You can program the Voice Mail System to forward a message to your cell phone or pager.

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