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IDenticardNow you can monitor thousands of cardholder activities, check on the status of alarms in a single building or in several different locations, control elevators, even create color security ID badges… all from a single location. The Series 9000 is a powerful WindowsXP-based system combining graphics and badge-making capabilities. Operate a complex security system of PCs that are simultaneously running spreadsheets, word processing programs and others.

IDenticard manufactures a wide range of access control systems that are designed togrow as your security needs grow. You can start by controlling one door and expand to a complex system controlling hundreds of doors miles apart — without replacing any of your original access control equipment. If your needs change in the future, simply addequipment. You don’t have to start over from scratch. With an IDenticard access control system, YOU are in full control of all access and exit activities at your buildings. You decide who may enter, where and when. Our systems allow you to predetermine the days of the week and the times that your employees, staff, faculty or students may enter.

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